The Hero's Journey

Life can sometimes be hard and the road long, full of twists and turns. Unfortunately, through no fault of their own, children and young people can find themselves feeling lost and overwhelmed.  


The Hero’s Journey is a trauma-informed performing arts programme where children and young people are shown the tools they need to find their way back… to be the hero of their journey.


By exploring their unique life experiences and social and cultural identities, they will learn many new skills which will help improve their mental health and resilience as they continue on their quest through life.


Rather than focusing on how to ‘fix’ the ‘problem’, we apply the storytelling structure of the hero’s journey to explore every aspect of the child or young person’s emotional, social, physical and spiritual wellbeing.


More than just a process of addressing an issue, it is a journey that enables the child or young person to accept, understand and value all the little things that makeup who they are – even the bad bits - thereby improving their quality of life.


How it works


We have created two programmes that will run alongside each other and coincide with the academic school year.


The 6-week programme is designed for specialist services (such as Barnardo’s, NSPCC, CAMHS) that work with children and young people who have experienced child sexual abuse, assault and exploitation, harmful sexual behaviours and youth violence. This programme is designed for 1 child or young person at a time.


The 10-week programme is designed for the education sector working with 4 pupils at a time sourced from Pupil Referral Units across London and beyond. This programme is delivered in person and can be adapted for specialist services.


Over the course of 6 or 10 weeks, Caedmon will mentor the children and young people in creating a piece of theatre/art/performance to perform on stage in a theatre in the heart of London’s West End - kindly provided by our supporters Delfont Mackintosh Theatres. This is an incredibly exciting and rare opportunity that can really transform a person.


There is also an opportunity, depending on availability, to watch rehearsals of premier West End shows and explore in detail what goes on behind the scenes in departments such as lighting, sound, stage and costume.


Why it works

Influenced by the ‘recovery model’, we deliver The Hero’s Journey - a theatre and education programme that uses the art of storytelling and performance to meet our objectives. Historically, the ‘hero’s journey’ is a universal template of stories used by many different cultures and faiths around the world. No matter who tells the story, it will always involve a hero who goes on a quest, is victorious in a decisive crisis - and comes home changed or transformed.


We have taken this template to create our programme - delivering energising sessions of creative writing and performance in aspirational settings - that turn an interest in performance into a burning passion - teaching, transforming and building new skills for life. These skills include cultivating positive and healthy relationships, safety and trust, personal growth and achievement, self-belief and resilience.

Why our numbers are so small

We work with a small targeted group of children and young people in response to their learning difficulties and complex emotional and mental health struggles. We understand and acknowledge that these difficulties require far greater educational support and care.


When basic needs - love, compassion, safety - are not met, we are more likely to engage in challenging behaviour, putting ourselves at risk of being excluded from the mainstream. Our young people fall victim to this - increasing their chances of developing long-term behavioural and mental health problems later in life. It is for this precise reason that we work with such small numbers.


Project Dates


Both programmes have been planned to coincide with the academic school year from 2021/2022 as follows:


September 2021- AUTUMN


6 Week Programme – Autumn term 1
Week Commencing - Monday 13 September
Theatre Day - Thursday 21 October


6 Week Programme - Autumn term 2
Week Commencing - Monday 1 November
Theatre Day - Thursday 9 December


10 Week Programme - Autumn

Week Commencing - Monday 27 September
Theatre Day - Thursday 9 December


January 2022 - SPRING


6 Week Programme - Spring term 1
Week Commencing - Tuesday 4 January
Theatre Day - Thursday 10 February


6 Week Programme - Spring term 2
Week Commencing - Monday 21 February
Theatre Day - Thursday 31 March


10 Week Programme - Spring
Week Commencing - Monday 17 January 
Theatre Day - Thursday 31 March


April 2022 - SUMMER


6 Week Programme - Summer term 1
Week Commencing - Tuesday 19 April
Theatre Day - Thursday 26 May


6 Week Programme - Summer term 2
Week Commencing - Monday 6 June
Theatre Day - Thursday 14 July


10 Week Programme - Summer
Week Commencing - Monday 2 May
Theatre Day – Thursday 14 July


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